Can you see like a 1st grader ?

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Can you see like a 1st grader ?

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How’s your vision? Can you see as clearly as a fifth, fourth or 1st grader? Test your vision skills against preschool kids.

Do 2nd and 3rd graders have a better vision score than you? All these questions can be answered with this educational and extremely fun puzzle game called: Can you see like a 1st Grader.

How To Play:

1. Each puzzle is filled with identical shapes and images all the same color, yet one is a slightly different shade and that’s the one you must choose to win!

2. The puzzles increase in size and difficulty as you move on so you must learn to spot the shady one quickly in each of the exercises.

3. Each puzzle is given 30 seconds to complete. You will earn bonus points if you finish in time. Good times!

Nowadays, Kindergarten kids see like young owlets soaking up knowledge like sponges as they start learning the letters of the alphabet, the abc’s, reading, and spelling.

Some kids even get a jumpstart from parenting prep work. But who’s to say who is the best. You excel beyond toddlers in many levels. But to do well against fresh young eyes, you must practice self teaching methods if you want to master the visual arts. Once you do this is an awesome game to play with the whole family!

Download Can you see like a 1st Grader Today.

It gives one a youthful outlook on life!

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